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Adrianne Cadbury , LMT , Licensed Shiatsu Practitioner

For more than 20 years Adrianne has dedicated herself to empowering her clients in discovering their optimal health and wellness. Since completing her 3 year Shiatsu training in England in 1998, she has developed her private practice and taught and supervised Shiatsu at Acupuncture schools in Seattle and Portland. She also worked for 10 years at a Portland clinic where Shiatsu was an adjunct therapy for individuals with auto-immune disorders such as cancer, MS and HIV/AIDS. She is a certified Yoga teacher and Facilitator with LoveYourBrain, an organization providing research backed programs and resources for people with traumatic brain injuries and their caregivers.

Shiatsu is based on Chinese Medicine, the system of channels of energy (meridians) in the body. A Shiatsu session consists of a verbal health intake and various techniques of pressure, rocking, stretches and joint rotations. These techniques stimulate the points and meridians, facilitating the body’s innate ability to regain balance and heal itself. Shiatsu works to address both the symptoms of an illness and the underlying causes. Shiatsu addresses the whole person – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. A Shiatsu session is received traditionally on a futon mat or on a massage table while clients wear stretchy, comfortable clothing.

Adrianne’s experience and advanced training has led to specialties of treatment including healthy aging and resilience, traumatic brain injury, and immune support for those living with a cancer diagnosis. Adrianne enjoys working with a diverse group of clients. With compassion, skill and a love of the healing arts she creates a treatment program that is enjoyable, beneficial and sustainable. When not working she enjoys time with her family, reading, and finding beauty in nature and the arts.


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