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My main focus as an esthetician is to create an environment where you and your skin feel cared for, listened to, and treated without hurry.
I have extensive experience in clinical, holistic, and spa settings and currently use a combined approach to healing. To help you achieve your goals I take an in-depth look at all factors: topical, internal, and environmental. I believe that the way for you to achieve happy, healthy, radiant skin is to empower you through education and provide you with support throughout the process.
I have had a long journey with my own skin, in my early twenties I struggled with painful hormonal acne. I tried every approach to clearing it with no progress until I found a holistic skin care clinic. After healing and realizing the profound effect having healthy skin had on my sense of self I was inspired to become an esthetician. Now I have the joy of working with clients and empowering them to heal their own skin.
During treatments, I keep your unique skincare goals in mind while selecting potent and nutritive ingredients. We will focus on what your skin needs in the present moment. I will help you to create a home care regimen that is effective, simple, and enjoyable. I believe life’s too short not to take exquisite care of yourself, and I want to teach you how to do it.
I look forward to meeting you soon!