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Brown, LMT #18011



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Massage and I found each other in 2009 when I discovered Portland’s East West College of the Healing Arts.  As a lifelong artist with a bachelor’s degree in English and Theatre wanting to get into healthcare, I was inspired by its name.  I mean, I knew from personal experience that the arts were healing.  But I had never thought that healing could be artistic.  I looked over the program, getting more and more excited with every course I read about.  I had found my calling!  So I plunged into massage school, immersed myself in the world of bodywork, and emerged with a place in the healthcare community and a license to practice my ultimate handicraft.  Between curating a safe and cozy space, facilitating therapeutic dialogue, choosing the perfect music and essential oils, choreographing the treatment plan, and performing the massage itself, I am happy I get to use so many tools in my art box every day to help people feel better in their bodies.


Massage is the art of feeling and being felt, and every massage therapist has their own unique style.  I want mine to feel like a therapeutic dance, a rock and roll lullaby.   I err on the side of gentleness and vary pressure as necessary.  I generally work full-body with specific areas of focus based on what you tell me and my dozen years of experience.  I draw upon many massage modalities and incorporate them all into a house-blend that is customized to your needs of the day.  I have studied Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Traditional Thai, Trigger Point, and Chinese Abdominal Massage, and I am certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Complete Decongestive Therapy for lymphedema and lipedema.  My primary tools are my fingertips, knuckles, palms, forearms, elbows, knees, and feet, but your session may include accessory tools such as cups, scrapers, hot stones, steamed towels, hot/cold packs, kinesiology taping, and compression bandaging.  I also teach The MELT Method of foam rolling for self-massage. 


Whether for wellness or for injury, my goal in every session is to support your health and well-being.  With hands, heart, and a little elbow grease, I hope to soothe anxiety, ease pain, release knots, relax tension, nourish skin, enhance circulation, reduce and manage swelling, improve posture, restore joint function, and provide education and inspiration to be your best self.  When I am not massaging I am out walking in nature, dancing to live music, philosophizing over coffee, quilting, writing, watching documentaries, and reading incessantly.  For more information, please go to my website,   If you would like to make an appointment, please call or text!




(503) 319-7687


*Credit Cards Accepted, *Motor Vehicle Insurance Accepted