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Edwards, Cert. Advanced Rolfer



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Rolfing® Structural Integration is an amazing, transformative process that can help you evolve both physically and emotionally. Rolfing can reduce physical pain, improve your posture and balance, and make movement easier. Those who receive Rolfing typically feel younger, more positive, and more engaged with the world. Read more in the Rolfing section of my website.

I honor the importance of the nervous system, as it impacts every system in the body and is hugely responsible for our quality of life. I incorporate gentle work with the organs, nerves, arteries, and other visceral structures into all of my work. This makes my work very 3-dimensional and holistic.

Rolfing is active and participatory, and I can keep you involved in the process by explaining each activity and its purpose.

I’ve been a Rolfer for 18 years, and I love doing this work. Sometimes it is like following clues to unlock a puzzle, so we work together to solve the mystery.

A bit more about me: I’m cis-female, I use she/her pronouns, and I identify as bi/queer. I’m very comfortable working with people wherever they are on the gender/sexuality spectrum. I’m white, of mostly Irish/Welsh heritage, and I’m passionate about providing care that is appropriate for, and respectful of, people from other ethnic, racial, and cultural backgrounds. I’m a founding member of Liberation Somatics, a group of mostly-white Rolfers who are working to educate ourselves and bring awareness and updates to our field and to the Wellness/Fitness world.


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*Credit Cards Accepted, *Motor Vehicle Insurance Accepted, *Sliding Fee available, Lifestyle & Movement, Mindfulness-based Bodywork, Myofacial Release, Rolfing®, Structural Integration, TMJ, Visceral Manipulation