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Janell Adibel



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have been a student and observer of energy work most of my life and was attuned to Usui Unlimited Reiki up to the Master level in 2011, as well as Seichim/Egyptian Reiki in 2013. Using the skills and increased ability to flow ki or chi that these attunements have afforded me I can channel the Reiki energy to help others heal in a natural, relaxing way! This can happen in person or the energy can be sent over long distances. After a treatment, the receiver will generally feel relaxed and have an overall sense of well-being. Some people have pain relief or are energized following a session. The experience is truly unique for each individual as every human is unique! Spirituality IS life. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and we tend to forget that due to societal influence and cultural programming. Disconnection from source leads to imbalance and dis-ease. We all have the ability to heal ourselves and our loved ones but sometimes we need a little extra boost and reminder of the light that lies within. Reiki is a gift from the UNIverse, here to help us heal our world. That is, our individual internal world as well as the larger global community.


(402) 889-6163


Chakra Crystal and Color Healing, Reiki, Reiki Master Teacher