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Alcyon, C.Ht., ATP



Teacher Bio


Triniti Healing refers to the 3 modalities Nicole offers- Hypno-Chakra Therapy, Nutritional and Medical Intuitive Consulting and Intuitive Guidance and Counseling along with Mediumship Readings.

Nicole has an innovative practice combining hypnotherapy, chakra balancing, and 9 singing quartz crystal bowls terming her private sessions “Hypno-Chakra Therapy.”  Hypnotic healing suggestions targeted to your desire goal related to self-improvement are integrated into each of the chakras while Nicole plays the singing bowls.  Everyone is hypnotizeable when directed properly, and the singing bowls help to facilitate a deep, relaxing trance state quickly and easily to even those who have a hard time relaxing.

In addition to Hypno-Chakra Therapy, Nicole also provides Soul Guidance and Intuitive Counseling.  These are intuitive readings where Nicole connects to your higher self, spirit guides, and guardian angels to receive clarity to your questions. Our guides don’t ever lay out our future or what we are to do step by step for us, because this is our life we are suppose to live and so they aren’t to direct you too specifically so as to not interfere with your free will. Instead they offer insights, guidance, ideas, inspirations and answers to give you greater clarity and understanding on issues, your future, and/or experiences. So still you receive exact what you need!

Nicole is quite passionate about making healthy choices with our diet by eating whole foods. She works within your existing diet to make tweaks to it for greater health, or, if you’re ready,  to make BIGGER shifts in your diet. She is well aware of various diets promoted, and knows we all may thrive with a different type for different stages of our life. She, personally however thrives with her high fruit, mostly raw diet but knows that is not for everyone.

She is a Medical Intuitive, able to tap into what is going on physically. Sessions may include tuning fork balancings for the meridians, organs, and for nutrient/mineral absorption.

In addition to her 3 service listed above, Nicole also facilitates guided GROUP chakra balancing meditations with her 9 singing bowls regularly, as well as other workshops which can be found by visiting her website below.