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Oct 8

Awaken Ourselves Through the Heart of Love -An Adventure Into A Course In Miracles

October 8 @ 12:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Awaken Yourself Through the Heart of Love

-An Adventure Into A Course In Miracles

Have you ever asked yourself, what would Love do? Do you want more peace in your heart? Do you want to gain a new perspective on life’s challenges and learn new skills on how to cope? Let us remember our true state together… 


Peace and Joy and Love are who we are at our core. If you want to delve deeper into your heart, learn how to let go of judgment, heal your relationships, expand your compassion, and surrender more deeply into trusting the Divine, then this workshop is for you. 


This half day work/play-shop  is designed for people who are brand new and curious; have never heard of A Course In Miracles, yet are intrigued; have heard of ACIM and want more; have done some study and want to go deeper; as well as for those who are the well-studied and practiced pupils of ACIM. 


We will cover the basics and unpack a handful of the most poignant lessons the Course has to offer. Dissecting and sitting with the powerful teachings of this work, we will follow each lesson with a deepening exercise/somatic practice to integrate the learning. Tapping into the essence of the Course while diving into the practical application is the foundation we will lay, as inspired by this powerful self-study program. 


Together, we will awaken each other through the Heart of Love, because as the Course clearly states, “When I am healed, I am not healed alone.”


Kinda like school (Patricia is a teacher), but not; kinda like church, but not. 

Fear not the religious tone of A Course in Miracles, as Patricia will translate it into everyday and practical language. You’ll laugh, cry, ponder, be inspired, and heal new layers that are ready to shake loose. Are you ready to expand your heart and discover newfound freedom? 


Enrollment will include one individual somatic support session, which can be done online.

****Oftentimes there will be a big shift in the way you see things after exposure to the Course’s most powerful lessons. A follow up one on one integration session will be provided as part of your entrance fee, as an opportunity for sharing your miracle stories, amplifying the energetic awareness/felt sense of the miracles. 


Early bird discount sign up by Sept 20th, 2022 : $99

****Seat jacks, yoga mats, and blankets available for use. Bring a water vessel for filling station, notepad/pen, etc.  The book is not required for this course. 


Patricia Keeler

30 years ago, an elementary school teacher was what I called myself. 25 years ago, I bought a book in a bookshop in Berkeley, California. Never could I imagine how much that book would change my life. That book was A Course in Miracles. Fifteen years ago, I entered a four-year somatic therapy program at Omega Institute. What a treat those days at Omega were. Ten years ago, I began studying non-violent communication with a teacher who surprisingly also embraced the Course. She kept ACIM and NVC as separate teachings, but I always knew that they belonged together. There is magic in the combo!


“As someone who has been studying A Course in Miracles for many years, I often struggled to hear my own guidance and find my place and calling in the world amidst all the past fear and pain. Because Patricia has had her own powerful healing journey with the Course as a deep and sensitive person herself, she knows and fully trusts how to follow her inner guidance. She uses her intuitive guidance to challenge me in our Course sessions to go courageously into the depths of my inner voice and what I need to heal myself, using my own body, mind and Spirit. She does this with so much gentleness, patience, presence, compassion and warmth. It has truly been a dream come true to know her and work with her in a Course mentorship, as I have learned to embody those qualities in/towards myself. Patricia is truly a dream mentor.” ~ Kel L. Portland


‘Working with Patricia has been deeply transformative in so many ways. I have been able to address some long entrenched behavioral and mental patterns that prevent me from embodying my essence. For me, returning to my own seat of divinity and authenticity is my life’s work. How do I show up in ways that serve my highest purpose and the collective at the same time? This is the unveiling that Patricia so artfully facilitates. She holds sacred space with love, grace and understanding, while also prompting the difficult questions that my heart needs to explore. And when that unfurling happens, Patricia stands by, with the type of fortitude that comes only from love, and walks the path to healing by my side, gently encouraging me to go deeper and bear witness to the truth – together. I could not be more grateful for her wisdom and ability to cultivate a safe, nourishing space for healing.’ ~ Lorri B. Portland


October 8
12:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Awakenings Studio
Awakenings is located at 1016 SE 12th Avenue
Portland, OR 97214 United States
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