Studio Tips & Procedures

Thank you for taking care of our studio and leaving it just a bit sparklier than you found it! We appreciate your contributions to making Awakenings Wellness Center a place of healing for all. Tenants contracting for use of the Studio agree to abide by our Studio Terms of Use.

You may also view an online video orientation for the Studio at:

Topics Covered:

  • Do a Dry Run
  • Entering Awakenings
  • COVID Protocols
  • Housekeeping
  • WIFI & Internet
  • Air Conditioning & Heating
  • Open Flames
  • Using the Kitchen
  • Accessing the Studio & Lights
  • Using Audio Equipment
  • Entering and Exiting for Participants
  • Cleaning and Exiting the Studio
  • Leaving the Building
  • Contact Informatioi

You are welcome to stop in before your workshop date to become familiar with where things are or test your device with our sound/audio equipment. Just find a time on our calendar when the studio is not booked and send us an email at

Enter Awakenings through the front door using the door instructions in the white box.  The light switch for the foyer is at the base of the stairs. Remember there are often therapists in the building; encourage your participants to keep voices down in common areas. 

The event host and participants are requested to wear a mask in the common areas. This includes the lobby, halls, and kitchen. Only the event host and one or two volunteers can access the kitchen for preparing snacks or fetching the hot water dispenser for tea. The hot water dispenser is in the cabinet under the convection oven. All participants should remain in the studio and should enter and exit the studio through the side door via the deck. Event hosts determine the mask policy in the studio. Not wearing masks in the rest of the building can be grounds for terminating the contract and/or not hosting future events at Awakenings.

The kitchen is for your staff to prepare any food and drinks. All participants should eat their meals in the studio or out on the patio. Please leave the kitchen table available for practitioners as this is their break room.

If you generate a decent amount of garbage/recycling, please empty to the bins on the south side of the front porch. Extra bags, mops, paper towels and cleaning supplies are in the closet inside the bathroom by the kitchen, or in the kitchen cabinets.

Please wash, dry and return any dishes, utensils or tea/coffee urns you have used. Please mop up any spills in studio or kitchen.

To access the Awakenings community guest wireless, connect to the “Awakenings_Guests” using the password “Awakenings”

We have a 15000 BTU AC unit which should be plenty to cool down the space, or heat in the winter when the radiant floor heat is not enough. The remote is on the wall opposite the thermostat in the audio alcove. Please do not change the thermostat for the radiant floor heat – it is set at a specific temperature.

There are 5 buttons that are accessible at the top of the AC remote. They are:

On/Off (Please Turn OFF when done)
Fan (select fan speed)
Powerful (to boost output to Max)
Up Arrow (to increase Target temperature)
Down Arrow (to decrease Target temperature)

The remote is located in a holder on the right side of the audio alcove. Please keep it there.

You must get permission to use candles or any open flame, and may only use candles on non-flammable bases that will capture dripping wax and won’t tip over easily.  

From the Foyer, proceed straight into the Kitchen ~ Light switch is inside door behind microwave

You may use the kitchen to prepare snacks, but remember that therapists also use it, so keep it neat.  Do not store anything in the kitchen.   If you use any dishes, wash them and leave them in the drying rack when done.

Studio doors are in the kitchen, and studio lights are near the doors in the kitchen and in the studio by the deck doors. The small slider beside the switch located in the kitchen dims and brightens the lights. Flip the hanging sign on the door to display the “In Session” side.  Keep these doors closed during use. We invite you to remove your shoes and store them in the shoe cubbies in the studio.

The audio equipment is in the alcove to the right of the studio doors. You will need to adjust the volume on the mixer board for each item you use (remember to turn the Master volume up too!) There is a CD player and you can hook up your computer, MP3 player, microphones or other audio player to the system.

Weather permitting, we encourage event participants to enter and exit through the deck doors

Return Studio to the condition you found it… chairs, backjacks, blankets should be returned and stacked

If you have dirtied the floor, there is a push broom in the bathroom closet – shake outside off deck.

LOCK deck doors and windows – push in BOTH latches in the passive door and turn active door latch to horizontal position.

If the studio smells after use (due to strenuous activity), close studio doors and turn on air purifiers (small tower fans)

Turn Off stereo as well as studio and kitchen lights, and Flip sign on studio door back to “Welcome”

Check the magnet board above the microwave – If no one is in the building, or it is after 7pm, turn off kitchen and foyer lights AND fountain, and lock the front door once outside by pulling the door toward you while pushing the Lock Icon. You should hear the deadbolt moving into place. 

If you have questions or need assistance, please James Davis, Studio Manager at 503-544-3838

Feedback welcome!  Please send to


Only the event host can have the handle and deadbolt codes. Verify  you have door codes prior to your event.  Please text James at 503-544-3838 if you need the door codes.

When entering codes, be sure to pull the door toward you (and Do NOT push the Lock icon afterward).

Once inside the building, open the side door to the deck to allow participants to enter.

UNLOCK the deadbolt:
During the day, the deadbolt will likely already be unlocked.

1) enter the code

2) turn the knob to the right

To LOCK the deadbolt:

1) press the single button at top

2) turn the knob to the left (pull door toward you if knob won’t turn)

(Deadbolt must already be unlocked)


1) enter the code on the handle

2) open the door

Please do not share these codes with your students or event participants. Participants are to use the door on the side of the building. Don’t forget to put out the sidewalk sandwich board to direct new students to the right door.


When the weather changes, the door can swell or change shape. Take a deep breath, stay calm, and give the door a good tug towards you, then try again. This solves the problem 95% of the time.

The battery to the locking mechanism may be dead. If you do not hear any whirring noises, or if the mechanism sounds like it’s slow or  ‘dying’, call James: 503-544-3838